CSFVP: Transporting Parent

This program provides a safe and positive way for children to visit with their parents as their families go through a difficult and transitional time.

The children and visiting parent(s) are given a private, child-friendly room in the center.  The child and parent are monitored by a trained, volunteer supervisor who is neutral to the family situation and will document the interaction and activities of the two hour visit.

Supervised Visitation may be required by the court for many reasons; including problems with divorce, domestic violence, abuse or neglect or simply an unusually period of time in which the child has not seen the parent and needs to become reacquainted.

Both parties are required to complete an intake interview with the Supervised Visitation Staff prior to any visits.  The intake process includes policies and procedures that will ensure a safe visit for the children and parents.  


Advice in helping to prepare your children for supervised visitation

Please talk with your children about

  • When they are scheduled to visit
  • Where the site is located; where you will be while they are visiting
  • Who they will see at the visit (parent, staff, volunteer and possibly a police officer)
  • What is going to happen during the visit (play time, snack, games, etc.)
  • How long they will be visiting, and that they will be visiting again the following week
  • When you will be back to pick them up

Prepare yourself and your children for saying good-bye.  Often children experience separation anxiety even though they may be looking forward to seeing the visiting parent.  Children need reassurance that everything will be alright and that the visiting parent is excited to able to spend time them. It is likely, your children may cry when taken by the Visitation Supervisor, but the crying generally stops when the child is united with the visiting parent.  If the children cannot be comforted for a period  of time (not to exceed 20 minutes), you will be asked to come and get them.  Refrain from speaking negatively to your child concerning the visit.  If the child senses you are uneasy about visitation, the children will be uneasy as well. Maintain a positive attitude with your children and the Supervised Visitation Program staff.

When you pick up your child at the center, it is okay to ask the Visitation Supervisor how the visit went.  The Supervisor, however, is not permitted to give specific details about the visit.  If you have concerns or want further information, please call the office the next business day.  Remember, do not ask the Supervisor to answer any questions pertaining to your former partner or request that they carry messages back and forth.

The Visitation Supervisor’s role and that of the staff is to ensure the safety of your children both physically and emotionally.

Custodial (Transporting) Parent Policy and Procedures

  • For security purposes, arrive and depart at scheduled times. 
  • Leave the premises immediately after dropping off or picking up your child.
  • Contact staff immediately if the visit has to be cancelled.
  • Inform CFSVP in advance if issues exist that may impact the visit.
  • Bring necessary items for infants and/or toddlers. .  . i.e diapers, baby food bottles.
  • Understand special occasion and holiday gifts may be given to your child as well as special projects. With your permission, the noncustodial parent may provide items for the child i.e new shoes, clothing.
  • Keep CFSVP staff current regarding special needs of the child.
  • Notify CFSVP regarding any change in address or telephone number.
  • Alert CFSVP if the child requires medication that is brought to the visit.
  • Refrain from sending written or verbal messages to the noncustodial parent.
  • Do not speak negatively about the noncustodial parent in the presence of the child, staff or volunteer.
  • Be positive regarding the child’s time with his/her parent.
  • Refrain from discussing the outcome of the visit in the child’s presence.
  • Refrain from inquiring about the results of a drug/alcohol screen.

*No person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to unlawful discrimination under any program or activity receiving or benefiting from federal financial assistance and administered by the Department.

If you request any special accommodations or auxiliary aids for programs or services of the Supervised Visitation Program, please contact the Program Director at 941-492-6491.

Our Auxiliary Aids and Accessibility Plan (pdf).



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