Wings of Change


The Child Protection Center



A strategic Communication Plan to raise awareness of who we are, what we do, and how we accomplish our mission of the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse.


The Child Protection Center’s “Wings of Change” series was created to streamline communications and effectively share our mission. The overall goal is to raise awareness on the issue of child abuse, educate the community, and foster relationships with advocates through transparency and honesty.

Child abuse is a complex issue, requiring multiple teams, agencies, and philanthropic efforts to address the issue head on. While discussing abuse of children in our community is difficult to discuss and uncomfortable to hear, it’s our duty as an organization to share this imperative information with our community.

Through “Wings of Change”, we will provide the general public, donors, advocates, and community members with a behind the scenes look as to HOW the Child Protection Center fulfills our mission of the prevention, intervention, and treatmentof child abuse. Serving our mission allows CPC to accomplish our vision of creating a world where children are safe from abuse and free to thrive.

Communication Components

Series Based E-Communications:

Monthly Topics (Examples):

  • June: Internet Safety Month- how to protect kids online, how adults can help, as parents how to we tackle this conversation?
  • April: Child Abuse Awareness Month- what does advocacy look like?

Weekly/Bi-weekly E-Blasts via Constant Contact (CC):

Social Posts to coincide with information being shared via CC:

  • Stories, Reels, & Static Posts
    Still images, photos, illustrated and designed carousel posts, short form videos.

Special Additions:

Short Interviews (including but not limited to- Program Directors, Therapists, Prevention Educators, CPT Coordinators, Nurse Practitioner, child abuse survivors, local advocates and philanthropists, Board Members).

Sample Topics- Not Limited to this List

  • Introducing Wings of Change Series Child Abuse- The issue and the stats in Florida
  • How to Recognize & Make a Child Abuse Report
  • How does a Child Advocacy Center like CPC work?
  • CPC’s 4 Core Programs and How They Fulfill the Mission
  • Prevention Program and the importance of Prevention Education Intervention Services- CPT, SVP, PAWS Treatment Programs – What is Trauma-informed Care? How do we do it?
  • Abuse Happened in My Family‚Ķ Now What? – Coping with Abuse as a Caregiver
  • Mental Health & Child Abuse Survivors-Shattering Stigma, Disclosures that never happen
  • Success Stories of CPC- Survivor Stories, Therapy Grads, Children Educated, Fund Development
  • How to Be a Safe Adult For Children Parenting Topics- Positive Parenting, Internet Safety
  • Internet Safety- Kids, Parents and Professionals
  • Personal Safety- The Touching Rule, How to Talk To The Kids In Your Life

Inter-Program Communication & Planning

Program Directors and their staff have invaluable information pertaining to all these topics and the day to day tasks within the walls of CPC. The goal is to communicate these topics effectively with the experts to gain insight of what it’s like to “do the work” in child advocacy.

Each Program will be highlighted, with varying topics throughout the year to help give our community members an inside look at WHY CPC exists and HOW we do the work, with call to actions throughout messaging.

Everyone at CPC works tirelessly for the children in our community and we couldn’t serve our mission without each program, each person, each and every day.

Topic #1: Wings of Change Introduction

July 10th-14th:

Part 1: “Change is Coming”

  • Something new is on the horizon for our community

Included Communication

  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1 Social Post

July 24th-28th:

Part 2: Wings of Change is Here!
  • WHAT: The Child Protection Center’s NEW WAY of communicating WHEN: Monthly
  • Topics discussing our purpose and process in the community
  • WHO: Insight from the professionals, survivors, and advocates WHY: Why
  • A butterfly? Why are we changing things? How can our community get involved.

Included Communication

  • 1 Interview
  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1-3 Social Posts

Topic #2: Back to School… Back 2 Basics

August 7th-11th:


  • CPC is a local advocacy center
  • Serving SRQ and Desoto HOW
  • CPC came to fruition

Included Communication

  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1 -2 Social Post

August 14th-18th:

Child Abuse Statistics
  • Every 19 minutes a child in FL is abused
  • Over 3,200 reports of abuse in our circuit each year

Included Communication

  • 1 Interview
  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1 – 3 Social Posts

August 21st – 25th:

Introduction to Programing
  • 4 core program that address the issues of abuse in our community How we do it

Included Communication

  • 1 Interview
  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1 – 3 Social Posts

August 21st – 25th (?):

HOW does a Child Advocacy like CPC Work?
  • Child abuse is a complex issue
  • MDT- DCF & Law Enforcement

Included Communication

  • 1 Interview
  • 1 E-Blast
  • 1 – 3 Social Posts
For CPC Staff
  • What do you wish people knew more about your job?
  • If you could describe your job in a few words/sentences, how would you describe it?
For the Community:
  • What is something you want to understand more about CPC?