The Champions for Children Circle represents a group of local business owners and individuals committed to the growth of the Child Protection Center, and the development of our Campus of Healing. These community leaders are at the forefront of the Campus of Healing’s capital campaign ensuring that necessary services are immediately available to children in our community. They understand the importance of our work and know that together we can make a difference and start changing lives – today!

You are invited to join the Child Protection Center’s Champions for Children Circle and make an impact that will last decades to come.

Our vision of a community where children are safe from abuse and free to thrive is made possible when you commit to a multi-year investment. Your $7,500 total investment ensures that our children are supported on their journey of healing from the first day they come through our doors.

Thank you to our Champions for Children!

To become a Champion for Children, please complete the form below or contact Elizabeth K. Topp, Capital Campaign Manager, at or (941) 286-8844.