Children & Families Supervised Visitation Program


The Children and Families Supervised Visitation Program (CFSVP) provides a safe, neutral space for children to continue their relationship with a non-custodial parent. When the court believes there are safety concerns that would prevent unsupervised contact between the child and the parent, CFSVP facilitates visits for families. Ongoing parent and child contact, has been shown to be crucial to a child’s mental health.

By accessing CFSVP, the risk of violence to children decreases significantly. An overwhelming majority of the families who have been Court Ordered to utilize our services have a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness. CFSVP provides a layer of security to each family member through various safety measures including the presence of a law enforcement officer, and a highly trained volunteer.

CFSVP utilizes over nearly 70 volunteers, who give their time, compassion, and understanding to the children and families we serve. Volunteer Supervisors monitor each visit that CPC facilitates. They are an attentive, neutral presence in the room, as they watch the child and caregiver interact in a child-friendly space.

To learn more about the services offered by CFSVP or to volunteer, complete the form below or email Program Director, DeeDra Pata at or call 941-423-1921.


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