Prevention. Intervention. Treatment.


The Child Protection Center has been providing child abuse prevention, intervention & treatment services since 1980. Our mission is accomplished through our four core programs.


Personal Safety & Community Awareness

PSCA has been providing essential child abuse prevention education to children, parents, and professionals in Sarasota County since 1992.

Research shows that child abuse can be prevented through empowering education and awareness. In order to create stronger safety nets around our community’s children, we emphasize the importance of having power in prevention!



Child Protection Team

CPT evaluates allegations of abuse, and provides recommendations for interventions to protect children. This devoted team facilitates critically important forensic interviews, medical examinations, and often testifies on behalf of a child in court proceedings.

CPT is a state-mandated program that works alongside The Department of Children and Families and Law Enforcement in cases of suspected abuse and neglect. Findings through CPT help cases in criminal and dependency court.


Children & Families Supervised Visitation Program

Our Visitation Program provides a safe, neutral environment for children to maintain a relationship with a non-custodial caregiver, through the watchful eye of a highly trained volunteer.

The overall goal is to foster healthy relationships, as research proves this connection improves overall well-being and stability for a child.



Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
Kid Kindness Program
Hanna’s Hope

In the aftermath of abuse, it is vital for children to receive support services in order to heal and cope with their trauma.

Our clinicians provide trauma-informed care, which allows children to work through their experiences, in a way that empowers a child on their journey to healing.

Additional Support Provided by P.A.W.S

P.A.W.S. (Pet Advocates Working in the Suncoast)

CPC’s PAWS program is an animal-assisted therapy that utilizes dogs to help children in soothing manner.

Our PAWS dogs and dedicated handlers provide unconditional love, support, and comfort during challenging moments in a child’s healing journey.


To report child abuse or neglect contact the Florida Abuse Hotline at:


Child Protection Center, Inc.

720 South Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: 941.365.1277
Fax: 941-953-7181

North Port Office

5600 Peace River Road
 North Port, FL 34287
To Contact Supervised Visitation
Phone: 941-423-1921

Arcadia Office

222 N. Roberts Avenue
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