Child Abuse Prevention Workshops Available to Public

October 29, 2020

Child Abuse Prevention Workshops Available to Public Child Protection Center’s PSCA program offers free lessons

The Personal Safety and Community Awareness Program (PSCA) of the Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) is offering free virtual resources to the community. Workshops are available for children, parents, teachers, and the community at large.

PSCA offers a holistic approach to the prevention of child abuse by promoting greater community awareness of the issue. PSCA provides primary abuse prevention education to children from preschool through high school. The program also facilitates workshops for their caregivers, childcare professionals, teachers, school board staff and the greater community. The focus is the creation of a future in which children are empowered and educated, adults are aware and equipped, and our community is a safer place for children and families.

Prior to COVID-19, the Personal Safety Team of PSCA conducted these lessons in person, typically at schools and camps. Workshops have been conducted at 100 percent of Sarasota public elementary schools and reach over 65,000 individuals annually. In accordance to current safety guidelines, the team quickly adapted and created virtual versions of their resources to ensure the continued education of personal safety. Since the beginning of the new school year on August 31st, Sarasota County schools have utilized 17 PSCA videos, several schools have participated in PSCA Zoom workshops, and the program has served over 15,000 individuals. After completing one of these virtual lessons, a local 3rd grade teacher said, “My kids absolutely loved [it]. She really kept their attention the entire time and they were able to answer questions, have discussions, and come up with thoughtful ideas afterwards. Thank you.”

A benefit of these virtual adaptations is that the information can be more easily shared with the broader members of the community, further raising awareness and building a safer community. Workshops can be requested for parent groups, babysitters, individual families, or anyone who wishes to learn and protect children. This service is free of charge.

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