Child Protection Center Launches Monthly Giving Program in 41st Year

July 1, 2020

Child Protection Center Launches Monthly Giving Program in 41st Year- Matched Funding Will Support the Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment of Child Abuse

The Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) launches its Monthly Giving Program as it enters its 41st year of service. This program, “Ripple of Hope,” will provide long-term and sustainable support to CPC’s core programs as the nonprofit faces the anticipated increase in child abuse cases due to COVID-19.

This program is supplemented by two matching challenges: the 2020 Flanzer Contribution Matching Program, which matches donations between $5 and $500 per month up to $500,000; and CPC donors Sherry and Doug Chapman, who have pledged to match the first $15,000 in donations through the Flanzer Match. These matching challenges provide donors the opportunity to triple their contributions.

“Knowing the difficulties involved with investigating abuse against children and knowing the long-lasting negative impacts abuse has on everyone involved, it is comforting to know that your organization is there to help put the pieces back together,” said Andrew Leisenring, Lieutenant at the Venice Police Department and weekly donor of the Child Protection Center. “We decided to donate to CPC on a weekly basis for two primary reasons. We wanted to provide a source of consistent funding to CPC and it allowed us to spread out the expense so that it did not adversely impact our budget. It feels like a small donation in the short-term but adds up to something substantial by the end of the year.”

In fiscal year 2019, CPC provided 71,299 services to individuals in Sarasota and DeSoto Counties. To send forth a Ripple of Hope through matched monthly giving, please visit or call 941-365-1277


Send forth a ripple of hope through long-term, sustainable impact that will save children’s lives: Ripple of Hope

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