Child Protection Center Receives $150,000 Match Challenge

September 30, 2021

Child Protection Center Receives $150,000 Match Challenge Community unites to combat COVID-19’s effects on child abuse

The Child Protection Center (CPC) has received a $150,000 matching opportunity through a collaboration of donors. The match is led by Roger Pettingell, Keith Monda & Veronica Brady, Pamela Hughes, and Gail & Skip Sack to combat the increased need for child abuse services due to the pandemic.

The Child Protection Center continues to face the severe effects COVID-19 has had on child abuse and the consequent rise in demand for child abuse services. In its recent fiscal year (July 2020- June 2021), the nonprofit’s Child Protection Team provided 16.89% more services than the previous year, such as medical exams and forensic interviews. The Therapy program has also experienced an escalated need for services as well as additional staff; despite increasing services by 11.33%, a waiting list of verified victims of child abuse in need of therapy grew to 70+ children. The match challenge will provide funding to address these critical needs.

“The positive impact of the Child Protection Center in our community is incalculable,” said Roger Pettingell of Coldwell Banker, the initiating contributor to the match. “It’s exciting for our customers and colleagues to know that for every dollar they give their donation is matched. When donations are matched and local leaders come together to raise money, the impact is compounded and it’s the community that sees the dividends.”

Child abuse reports can be made to the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873.

The Child Protection Center’s mission is the Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment of Child Abuse, as the organization envisions a community where children are safe from abuse and free to thrive. For over 40 years, CPC has been serving Sarasota and DeSoto Counties in the State of Florida, and is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance. For more information on CPC, visit or call 941-365-1277.

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