Executive Director of the Child Protection Center Hits Milestone Anniversary

August 4, 2020

Executive Director of the Child Protection Center Hits Milestone Anniversary– Douglas Staley Celebrates 25 Years at CPC

Douglas Staley, Executive Director of the Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC), has reached the milestone of 25 years of full-time employment with the nonprofit.

“Doug Staley is emblematic of our mission at the Child Protection Center: to prevent child abuse, to intervene on behalf of abused children, and to treat abused children,” said Dr. Katherine Keeley, who had served as CPC’s Medical Director at the beginning of Doug’s journey with the organization and encouraged his advancement and success. “He has created a culture of collaborative teamwork in the Child Protection Center. With his high work ethic and his dedication to quality client care, Doug has led us our efforts to protect children. Thank you, Doug Staley!”

In his first years at CPC, Doug served as a Case Coordinator on the Child Protection Team (CPT), interviewing children and families who had been affected by child abuse and providing testimonies in court. His passion and dedication to the work drove him to earn his Masters Degree in Social Work, during which time he advanced to CPT Team Coordinator. Soon after earning his MSW, Doug was named VP of Client Services as well as the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program Director, and in 2011 began serving as CPC’s Executive Director.

Karen Valentino, a transformational donor and previous CPC Board Chair, stated, “I cannot think of another human being who is more devoted to the mission of CPC. He lives and breathes the mission of CPC. He is so compassionate, yet disciplined, unyielding in his fight against child abuse, and a heart of gold; the ultimate humanitarian.”

Doug’s advocacy extends past the walls of CPC- he served on the Board of Directors for the Florida Network of Child Advocacy Centers (FNCAC) and was then elected to their Executive Committee and has served as Vice President. He has also served the community as a parenting educator and a DOH Quality Assurance Team Lead.

“Congratulations on an amazing 25-year journey with CPC!” said Tony Dempsey, the current Chair of CPC’s Board of Directors. “Your passion and tireless energy have transformed CPC, yielding outstanding deliverables to the benefit of the children in Sarasota County.”

Local philanthropist and CPC supporter Graci McGillicuddy offered her congratulations as well, saying, “Wow! After working with Doug these last 25 years, it is really difficult to narrow it down to one quote. He is so mission driven, so passionate about the well-being of children… I admire him so, and am eternally grateful for the leadership he has provided to CPC.”

When asked about the best day he’s had at CPC, Doug said, “We haven’t seen our best day yet! We have so much potential, we are improving every day, our staff is growing professionally and personally – we have had good days, we have had great days – but we haven’t seen our best day yet.”

In fiscal year 2019, CPC provided 71,299 services to individuals in Sarasota and DeSoto Counties. To learn more about the Child Protection Center, please visit CPCSarasota.org or call 941-365-1277

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