The Meaning Behind the Pinwheel

In 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. “What our research showed, and what our experiences have since reinforced, is that people respond positively to pinwheels, which represent childlike whimsy and lightheartedness and our vision for a world where all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in supportive families and communities.”

The pinwheel is a visual reminder of what we want for all children- to experience the simple joys of a safe and happy childhood.

The campaign of planting pinwheel gardens raises awareness of child abuse while promoting the understanding that there is hope in the fight against it, as over 90% of child abuse can be prevented. It also represents a change in the way our society thinks about prevention, encouraging a focus on public policies and community activities that prioritize prevention from the start to ensure child abuse and neglect never occur.

Pinwheel Activities

Pinwheel Coloring Page
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Instructions on Making Pinwheels
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Plant a Pinwheel Garden at Your Home or Business