Child Protection Center Announces Changes to Board

July 20, 2021

Child Protection Center Announces Changes to Board CPC welcomes new Chair, Vice-Chair, and Member to Board of Directors

The Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) has announced the appointment of Tina Granthon as Chair, Jennifer Steube as Vice-Chair, and Freya Robbins as a new member to its board of directors.

“We feel very pleased and fortunate to welcome these three dedicated advocates to their new roles on the Child Protection Center’s board,” said Doug Staley, Executive Director of CPC. “Tina, Jennifer, and Freya have each been involved with CPC for quite some time, and to see their steadfast determination to protect children- particularly after such a challenging year- has been inspiring. They are each true assets in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse.”

Tina Granthon, an APRN, says she understands the extreme difficulties of working with trauma, “especially with our most vulnerable population: children.” Years ago, Tina began her support of the nonprofit through serving on various committees and raising essential funds. She is most drawn to CPC’s abuse prevention program, saying “I have always been a huge proponent of teaching and educating individuals to empower themselves.”

Jennifer Steube has “a passion for being a voice for those who don’t have one.” She hopes for a day when CPC can close its doors because services are no longer needed, “but until then the need is enormous, so much so, we have to physically expand to ensure all abused children are cared for.” Jennifer also serves as the Board VP for the Humane Society of Sarasota.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse herself, Freya Robbins has long had the mission of preventing the abuse of children. “Being involved with CPC means that through the synergy of many, we can accomplish great things for our children and the larger community.” Freya has unique insights for the board as she can draw on her in-depth experience of her past service as a co-facilitator in the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.

The Child Protection Center Board includes Chair Tina Granthon, Vice-Chair Jennifer Steube, Alina Cemitier, Tony Dempsey, Jen Douglas, Tammy Karp, Donna Koffman, Jill Levine, Brian Mariash, Graci McGillicuddy, Tom McLaughlin, Freya Robbins, and Dan Starostecki.

The Child Protection Center’s mission is the Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment of Child Abuse. CPC has been serving Sarasota & DeSoto Counties since 1980. In fiscal year 2020, CPC provided 66,698 services to individuals. For more information on CPC, call 941-365-1277.

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