Child Protection Center Awarded Funds for Therapy Programs

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August 25, 2022


Sheila Miller

VP of Philanthropy

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Child Protection Center Awarded Funds for Therapy Programs

Support provided by Donors of Distinction will directly impact child abuse victims

(SARASOTA, FL, 08/25/2022)- The Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) has received a $5,000 from Donors of Distinction, helping support therapy clients in CPC’s Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP). 

“The statistics of child sexual abuse in Sarasota and DeSoto Counties is alarming.” Says CPC’s Executive Director Douglas Staley. “Our Therapy Programs provide healing opportunities for children who have been victims of child abuse. Our clinicians utilize “Packs of Healing” for each child in therapy, filled with tools that allow them to cope with their trauma, in an age-appropriate and healthy way.” Funding provided by Donors of Distinction will go directly towards purchasing fundamental coping tools for children and to utilize in their treatment course. Inside these Packs of Healing include items such as aromatherapy bears, stress balls, children’s books, and other tools that provide comfort and normalcy to children.

“We have seen a significant impact that these Packs of Healing have on our clients.” Says Amanda Jans, CPC’s Clinical Director. “When a child receives a Pack of Healing, they gain access to a reality where they can feel free, comfortable, and confident again. These tools are changing lives and we are so grateful for Donors of Distinction for helping provide more of these items to children in our community.” 

The Child Protection Center’s mission is the Prevention, Intervention, & Treatment of Child Abuse, as the organization envisions a community where children are safe from abuse and free to thrive. For over 40 years, CPC has been serving Sarasota and DeSoto Counties in the State of Florida, and is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance. For more information on CPC, visit or call 941-365-1277.

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